C R E A T I V E   &   B O L D    C I N E M A T O G R A P H E R


 S H O O T    N O W ,    R E M E M B E R    F O R E V E R 


► the laughter,   ▌▌ the memories,   █ the pain and   ◄◄ the happiness.

With video you can relive your memories again and again. Who wouldn’t want that?

If a photo says more than a thousand words, what will a video tell you? According to Forrester Research a one minute video has the same value as 1.8 million words, an equivalent of 3600 web pages!

Considering, nowadays 86% of the internet audience (more than 2.8 billion people) is watching online video, and mobile video traffic has increased by 5000% in the last three years, what are you still waiting for?!

If you would ask to label Michael Miyajima, it would be CREATIVE and BOLD. Besides the bullshit basic values, customer friendly, service oriented, professional attitude, every other company tells you they believe in, Michael Miyajima really stands for creative and bold concepts! (But don’t you worry, Michael Miyajima also offers all those bullshit basic values.)

With a BSc Communications and as specialty Brandmanagement, Designmanagement and Advertising, Michael Miyajima is specialized in telling and visualizing your brand story all in that one video. Futhermore, Michael Miyajima has over 12+ years of experience as a graphic designer, which comes in handy while making your video as clean as possible.

So why Michael Miyajima? If you understand the value of story telling, brandmanagement and appreciate the thought we like to put in, to create that one remarkable video, come see us.